Bit map terminal

A. support display containing multiple windows

B. require considerable amount of video RAM

C. requires tremendous amount of copying and hence low performance

D. all of above

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  1. Tape speed is measured in
  2. What was the first computer brought in Nepal?
  3. A number system that has eight different symbols to represent any quantity is known as
  4. Which access method is used for obtaining a record from a cassette tape?
  5. Computers process data into information by working exclusively with :
  6. What was the expected feature of fifth generation computers when Japan started FGCS?
  7. The main electronic component used in first generation computers was
  8. Which device of computer operation dispenses with the use of the keyboard?
  9. The output quality of a printer is measured by
  10. Who invented vacuum tubes?
  11. Any storage device added to a computer beyond the immediately usable main storage is known as
  12. A normal CD-ROM usually can store up to data?
  13. Which of the following is the most quickly accessible storage?
  14. What is an interpreter?
  15. Today's computer giant IBM was earlier known by different name which was changes in 1924. What was that…
  16. A path by which communication is achieved between a central processor and other devices is called
  17. An _________ Device is any device that provides information, which is sent to the CPU
  18. IBM 7000 digital computer
  19. When was vacuum tube invented?
  20. Which of the following is valid statement?
  21. An integrated circuit is
  22. ASCII stands for
  23. Computer is free from tiresome and boardoom. We call it
  24. Which statement is valid about magnetic tape?
  25. Unwanted repetitious messages, such as unsolicited bulk e-mail is known as
  26. A computer which CPU speed around 100 million instruction per second and with the word length of around…
  27. A modern electronic computer is a machine that is meant for
  28. What is required when more than one person uses a central computer at the same time?
  29. An approach that permits the computer to work on several programs instead of one is
  30. In 1999, the Melissa virus was a widely publicised: