Bleaching of paper pulp is done with

A. Activated clay

B. Bromine

C. Chlorine or chlorine dioxide

D. Magnesium sulphite

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  1. During the absorption of HCl gas in water (to produce liquid HCl), the gas is kept above dew point to
  2. Sulphuric acid saturated with SO3 is called
  3. Permanent hardness of water can be removed by
  4. Sucrose is a disaccharide consisting of
  5. Mercury electrolytic cells are preferred over diaphragm electrolytic cell (for production of caustic…
  6. Synthetic glycerine is produced from
  7. Cellulose percentage in bamboo fibre is about
  8. Claude process of gas liquefaction employs
  9. The catalyst used in shift converter is
  10. Teflon is
  11. Catalyst used during the manufacture of 'Vanaspati Ghee' is
  12. The combustion reaction, C + O2 = CO2, is
  13. Dehydrogenation of Isopropanol produces
  14. Main constituent of limestone is
  15. High temperature carbonisation of coal takes place at __________ °C.
  16. Alcohol content in freshly prepared natural and fortified wine may be respectively around __________…
  17. Coagulant is used __________ filtration.
  18. Blue vitriol is chemically
  19. Plasticisers are added to paints to
  20. The most widely used coagulant for removing suspended impurities from water is
  21. Which of the following is a detergent?
  22. Nickel is not used as a catalyst in the __________ reaction.
  23. __________ process is used for the manufacture of sodium carbonate by ammonia soda process.
  24. Gelatine which is a nitrogenous organic protein is obtained by the hydrolysis of
  25. CaCl(OCl) is the chemical formula of
  26. Starting raw material for the manufacture of Maleic anhydride is
  27. Esterification reaction
  28. The basic constituent of vegetable oils is
  29. Acetone is produced by catalytic dehydrogenation of
  30. DDT should not be allowed to come in contact with iron (during its manufacture) to