Boiler draught of 10 mm water column is equivalent to

A. 1 kgf/m2

B. 10 kgf/m2

C. 10 kgf/mm2

D. 1 kgf/mm2

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  1. Thermit welding is categorised as the __________ welding.
  2. The rolling process cannot be used to produce
  3. During sensible heating of humid air
  4. The normal stress is the same in all directions at a point in a fluid, only when the fluid
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  6. Blasting of tri-nitro-toluene (TNT) is done by mixing it with ammonium
  7. Which of the following is an example of cathodic protection of metals against corrosion?
  8. Vernier calipers cannot be used to measure the
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  10. Induced draft fans provided in large thermal power plant boilers have __________ blades.
  11. Normalising of an object does not
  12. A material being tested for endurance strength is subjected to the __________ load.
  13. Which of the following is a boiler accessory i.e., not a boiler mounting?
  14. Metal shots used in shot blasting are made of
  15. Gross national product (GNP) means the total value of __________ in a country.
  16. Silicon crystal can be converted to p-type semiconductor by doping with
  17. A steam carrying pipeline is insulated with two layers of insulating materials with the inferior insulation…
  18. Leakage in a cooking gas cylinder is detected by
  19. Addition of __________ to steel does not help in improving its machinability.
  20. Brinell Hardness Number (BHN) for talc is approximately in the range of
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  22. Factor of safety is the ratio of the __________ stress to the working stress.
  23. Two wires of the same radius & material having length in the ratio of 1 : 2 are stretched by the same…
  24. Fibrous fracture is normally encountered in the __________ materials.
  25. Materials having resistivity ranging from 1 to 100 ohm. cm is termed as
  26. Transformer cores are normally made from
  27. Out of the following the refractive index is the highest for
  28. Identify the correct statement.
  29. The main charge in blast furnace is usually
  30. Pearlite comprises of