Both Rowan plan and 50-50 Halsey plan will provide the same earning when the actual time is _________ the standard time.

A. One-fourth

B. One-half

C. Equal to

D. Twice

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  1. Graphical method, simplex method, and transportation method are concerned with
  2. PERT has following time estimate
  3. A graphical device used to determine the breakeven point and profit potential under varying conditions…
  4. Monte Carlo solutions in queuing theory are extremely useful in queuing problems
  5. For handling materials during manufacture of cement, a _________ is widely used.
  6. A milestone chart
  7. Gantt chart provides information about the
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  9. The type of organisation preferred for a steel industry, is
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  15. Dispatching
  16. The product layout
  17. Breakeven analysis consists of
  18. Which of the following layouts is suited for mass production?
  19. Job evaluation is the method of determining the
  20. In breakeven analysis, total cost consists of
  21. Simplex method is the method used for
  22. Current assets include
  23. Breakeven point is the point where
  24. PERT is applied for
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  27. The time taken by a trained worker to perform an operation, while working a steady pace, is known as
  28. Pick up the correct statement from the following
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  30. F. W. Taylor introduced a system of organisation known as