Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy refers to

A. Brain Fever

B. Mad Cow Disease

C. Enteric Fever

D. Poultry Diarrhoea

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  1. The rate of heartbeat is accelerated by the hormone
  2. The amount of blood in a normal man is about
  3. The hormones are carried to target organs through the
  4. The natural defence of our body against foreign germs is formed by
  5. Herbivores are
  6. The eland having endorine as well as exocrine function is
  7. Tuberculosis is caused by
  8. Riboflavin is otherwise known as
  9. Fat present below the skin surface in our body acts as a barrier against
  10. Man is warm-blooded, frog is cold-blooded, Which one of the following is cold-blooded?
  11. Late blight of potato is caused by
  12. Under the immunisation programme's Govt. of India is providing vaccination to prevent some vaccine-preventable…
  13. Which among the following vitamins is considered to be a harmone?
  14. It Is not advisable to sleep under a tree at night because of release of
  15. The plant that is dispersed with the help of water is
  16. From the end of the Triassic to the cretaceous period the earth was ruled by
  17. The saliva contains an enzyme called
  18. Compared to the veins, the walls of arteries are
  19. The principal reason why it is better to have two eyes than one is that
  20. Metastasis' is the process by which
  21. Wallace's line is a line
  22. Biological control is to check growth of
  23. Phonoreceptor refers to the perception of
  24. Timberline shows
  25. Which one of the following is both an exocrine and an endocrine gland?
  26. What is the colour of the outer portion of the spinal cord?
  27. Who coined the term gene?
  28. The smallest size of a cell which can be seen directly by the eye is
  29. Maintenance of pregnancy is under the control of
  30. Which element in chillies causes burning sensations?