Brinell Hardness Number (BHN) for talc is approximately in the range of

A. 1-5

B. 20-30

C. 100-150

D. 200-250

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  1. A spring material should have low
  2. In the blast furnace, incorporation of water vapour in the blast gives the following effect.
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  7. Thermistors are used in __________ devices.
  8. Factor of safety is the ratio of the __________ stress to the working stress.
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  12. Limestone is added in the blast furnace (during pig iron manufacture) to
  13. Current employed in resistance welding ranges from __________ kVA/.
  14. Dry saturated steam can be converted into superheated steam by
  15. The material used for coating the welding electrode is termed as the
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  17. The main charge in blast furnace is usually
  18. Addition of silicon to cast iron
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  21. Pick out the wrong statement.
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  24. Load cells used for the measurement of weight has
  25. Blow off cock is provided in steam boiler to
  26. The leaching solvent used in Baeyer's process for the purification of bauxite is
  27. Colour comparator is used to measure the
  28. The underground well of a biogas plant is called the
  29. In practice, the compression ratio of compression-ignition (CI) engine ranges from
  30. Basicity of the slag in Indian blast furnace is in the range of