Brittle coating technique is used for

A. Determining brittleness

B. Protecting metal against corrosion

C. Protecting metal against wear and tear

D. Experimental stress analysis

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  1. A metal pipe of 1 m diameter contains a fluid having a pressure of 1 N/mm². If the permissible…
  2. Which process will increase the fatigue duration of parts?
  3. The dedendum circle diameter is equal to (where φ = Pressure angle)
  4. At low temperatures (say 75°C) the notched bar impact value of steel
  5. Eye bolts are used for
  6. In designing a flange coupling, the pitch circle diameter of bolts is taken as (where d = Diameter of…
  7. The metal suitable for bearings subjected to heavy loads is
  8. In worm, gears, pitch lead angle is
  9. The application of third type levers is found in
  10. A locking device extensively used in marine type connecting rod ends is a
  11. If a shaft made from ductile material is subjected to combined bending and twisting moment, calculations…
  12. In a steam engine, the piston rod is usually connected to the crosshead by means of a
  13. In the levers of first type, the mechanical advantage is __________ one.
  14. The number of slots in a 25 mm castle nut is
  15. In helical gears, the right hand helixes on one gear will mesh __________ helixes on the other gear.
  16. A steel containing upto 0.15% carbon is known as
  17. A thin spherical shell of internal diameter d is subjected to an internal pressure p. If V is the storage…
  18. In a belt drive, if the pulley diameter is doubled keeping the tension and belt width constant, then…
  19. If T is the actual number of teeth on a helical gear and φ is the helix angle for the teeth, then…
  20. The cold working of metals is carried out __________ the recrystallisation temperature.
  21. The expansion joint is mostly used for pipes which carry steam at __________ pressures.
  22. If p = bearing pressure on projected bearing area, z = absolute viscosity of lubricant, and N = speed…
  23. When an open coiled helical compression spring is subjected to an axial load (W), the compression produced…
  24. Stress concentration factor is defined as the ratio of
  25. Stress concentration is caused due to
  26. Belt slip may occur due to
  27. In worm gears, the angle between the tangent to the pitch helix and an element of the cylinder, is known…
  28. The building up of worn and undersized parts, subjected to repeated loads by electroplating is
  29. Which of the following property is essential for spring materials?
  30. The bearings of medium series have capacity __________ over the light series.