BSD stands for_____________________

A. Basic Software Division

B. Berkeley Software Distribution

C. British Software Distribution

D. Berkeley Software data

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  1. The primary purpose of an operating system is a …
  2. In ____________ location policies a random node is polled to check its state and the task is transferred…
  3. The problem with logical dumping is ________________
  4. Which components appear in the initial windows start up display?
  5. Recently deleted files are stored in
  6. In Windows, start button is used to
  7. The name services of DCE include ________
  8. Which of the following is an essential file of a MS-DOS boot disk?
  9. A _____________is a collection of processors that do not share memory, peripheral devices,or a clock.
  10. ______________is responsible for allocating primary memory to processes and for assisting the programmer…
  11. Fsck conducts a check in _____ phases
  12. Objects location is found by _________________
  13. A solution to starvation is _____________.
  14. A process control block contains varies attributes required by _____________ to control a process.
  15. ______________ refers to the technology in which some space in hard disk is used as an extension of…
  16. _____________ manage the name spaces and binds an object to its location.
  17. Which components appear in the initial Windows start up display?
  18. _______________refers to a strategy where whenever a resource is requested, it is only granted if it…
  19. Which one is true for unconditional disk formatting?
  20. Identify the distributed computing model from the following statement. In this model, the user's processes…
  21. The essential difference between an operating system like Linux and one like Windows is that
  22. Which buffering strategy is used for implementing synchronous communication?
  23. The algorithm should be scalable i.e. _____________.
  24. ____________ file system allows sharing in multiple different locations grouped under one folder.
  25. Two clocks are said to be synchronized at a particular instance of time if the difference in time values…
  26. To install the new font
  27. In case of ____________________transparency a file can transparently move to another server.
  28. In case of good process migration mechanism, _____________ means failure of any node other than the…
  29. ____ runs on a computer hardware and serves as a platform for other system to run on
  30. What is dispatch latency?