Cassiterite is an ore of

A. Tin

B. Lead

C. Molybdenum

D. Chromium

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  1. The main reducing agent in iron blast furnace is
  2. Carbon is present in the form of __________ in grey cast iron.
  3. Which of the following test is used for distinguishing among dry oils, semi-drying oils and non drying…
  4. __________ wire is never used for making the heating element.
  5. Spark plug is provided in a/an
  6. Laser is a device to produce
  7. Which of the following has the least value of ultimate tensile strength (UTS)?
  8. Identify the correct statement with reference to the extractive metallurgy of aluminium.
  9. The mechanism involved in the removal of metal in drilling operation is by
  10. M10 index of coke indicates its
  11. Earing is a defect found in steels after the following metal working operation.
  12. Which of the following is the correct nature of shear stress distribution along the cross section in…
  13. Dryness factor of steam is defined as the ratio of the mass of vapor in the mixture to the mass of the…
  14. Strain hardening effect in metals subjected to cold working is due to the __________ mechanism.
  15. Cold chisel & hammers are made of
  16. Corrosion rate cannot be lowered by reducing the __________ of the corroding medium.
  17. The most serious manufacturing defect from fracture toughness point of view is
  18. The wet bulb temperature is lower in dry air than in wet air at the same temperature. A dry bulb thermometer…
  19. Recrystallisation temperature of steel is __________ °C.
  20. Screws are specified by their __________ diameters.
  21. Other parameters remaining same, the recrystallisation temperature of an alloy is lowered, when
  22. In multipass welds, shot peening is done after each pass to
  23. Liquor poisoning generally occurs due to the presence of __________ in it.
  24. Direct conversion of thermal energy to electrical energy is facilitated by the
  25. Consider the equilibrium A(g) + B(g) = AB(g). When the partial pressure of A is 10-2 atm, the partial…
  26. Pick out the correct combination about the role of various additives used in polymers.
  27. Cassiterite is an ore of
  28. Thermodynamic cycle involved in the working of a thermal power plant is the __________ cycle.
  29. Addition of __________ to steel does not help in improving its machinability.
  30. Carbon supply in pack carburising process is in the form of