Cells of Sertoli are found in

A. testis of rabbit

B. testis of cockroach

C. testis of frog

D. liver of mammals

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  1. Rupturing of follicles and discharge of ova is known as
  2. In the testis of rabbit, the hormone secreting cells are
  3. One of the following accessory glands in the male reproductive system produces secretions that neutralise…
  4. Graffian follicles are characteristically found in the
  5. The seminal vesicle in rabbit is found at the junction of
  6. Fertilizers are substances emitted from
  7. Cryptorchidism is a condition in which testes are
  8. Gubernaculun connects
  9. The human sperm was first seen and described by
  10. Cells of Sertoli are found in
  11. The part of reproductive system in male which neither produces hormones nor sperms is
  12. The female rabbit is
  13. Amniotic fluid protects the foetus from
  14. After a sperm has entered an ovum in the process of fertilization, entry of further sperms is prevented…
  15. In the human menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs around
  16. One of these is polyestrous
  17. Those person in which testes does not descend into scrotal sac
  18. The sperm count increases
  19. The structure that attaches testis to dorsal body wall is
  20. In which of the animals, the fertilization occurs externally in water ?
  21. Clitoris in mammals is
  22. Amnion is an extra-embryonic embrane which develops during the embryonic development of
  23. The hormone which shows a single mid cycle peak in the human female is
  24. Amnion helps in
  25. In rabbit, the sperms are stored and nourished in
  26. Failure of descending testis into the scrotum is known as
  27. The gestation period of rabbit is
  28. Gestation period in man is a about
  29. The structure formed after release of ova from Graffian follicles and secretory in nature, is
  30. A woman's fertility ceases at about 49-55 years. This is known as