Cement mainly contains

A. CaO, SiO2, Al2O3

B. MgO, SiO2, K2O

C. Al2O3, MgO, Fe2O3

D. CaO, MgO, K2O

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  4. Ca(OH)2 is called
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  7. Saponification number of an oil or fat
  8. Ethylene oxide is produced by oxidation of ethylene in presence of AgO catalyst at
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  14. In the Lurgi coal gasifier
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  18. Reaction of an alcohol with organic acid is called the __________ reaction.
  19. Isopropyl benzene produced by alkylation of benzene with propylene is known as
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  27. Le-Blanc process is a primitive process for the manufacture of
  28. Phenol formaldehyde
  29. P.T.F.E. (Poly tetra fluoro ethylene) is commercially known as
  30. Glauber's salt is chemically