Chloroform used as anaesthetic should be preserved In the dark in tightly stoppered bottles because otherwise

A. it becomes coloured

B. it gets evaporated in air

C. it gets oxidised to phosgene

D. it gets decomposed to chloropicrin

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  1. The flux added in the blast furnace is
  2. The soaps used in shaving cream are
  3. The gas used in balloons in the place of hydrogen is
  4. The value of Avogadro Number is
  5. Invar, used for making pendulums is an alloy of steel with
  6. Gold dissolves in aqua regia due to the formation of
  7. The human body contains about
  8. The substance most abundantly found in sea water is
  9. Iodine in alcohol is known as
  10. The fertilizer which has the largest percentage of nitrogen is
  11. Solid carbon dioxide is used
  12. Rayon la made from
  13. The principle involved in dialysis, a treatment administered to patients with affected kidneys is
  14. The process of heating steel to bright red heat and cooling suddenly by plunging it into water is known…
  15. On chemical analysis, a bottle cork is found to contain primarily
  16. Cupellation is used in the purification of
  17. The pH or pure water is nearly 7.0 It will increase on the addition or
  18. Smelling salt contains
  19. Hard water does not lather well with soap because
  20. Even as early as 3000 BC glass was known to the
  21. Which among the following is a metalloid?
  22. Which one of the following gases is extremely soluble in water?
  23. The presence of dust particles in air serves
  24. The scientist who synthesised the first organic compound (urea) in the laboratory was
  25. Calomel is
  26. Which one of the following is present in the largest amount in terms of per cent by mass in the earth's…
  27. Invert sugar is
  28. The term 'nucleons' apples to
  29. Which of the following elements is not required for the healthy growth of plants?
  30. A drug that is usually administered for malaria is