Cindom is a

A. battery of nematocysts

B. group of nematocysts

C. armed thread

D. none of these

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  1. "Portuguese Man of War" is the common name for
  2. The testes of hydra are located
  3. Digestion in Hydra is
  4. The mesoglea present in Hydra in between epidermis and gastrodermis is
  5. Communication between the enteron and exterior in coelentrates is through
  6. Hydra reproduces by gemmation (budding) when
  7. Nutritionally Hydra is
  8. Which one is found in Hydra
  9. The nematocysts which are mainly used for defense and offense and which tightly coil around the prey…
  10. The scientific name of organ pipe coral is
  11. Rhopalia are the sense organs in medusa belonging to the class
  12. What is common between Hydra and Obelia ?
  13. The small green alga that lives inside Hydra is called
  14. Division of labour on morphological basis is well exemplified by
  15. Nutritionally Hydra is
  16. Body wall of coelentrates is described as
  17. If a Hydra is cut into two pieces, it is noted that
  18. Coelenteron of Hydra serves the double purpose of
  19. Hydra is negatively chemotropic because it
  20. Six septa or six mesenteries are characteristic of
  21. Hydra responds to a strong mechanical stimulus such as agitating the surface of water by
  22. The mouth opens into a large single cavity in Hydra
  23. Ctenophores differ form cnidorians in one important aspect, that is
  24. Which of the following tissue is absent in Hydra ?
  25. The larva of Hydra is known as
  26. A coelentrate, commonly known as fresh water polyp is
  27. Which of the following animals has a nervous system but no brain ?
  28. Brain coral is
  29. Hydra is put under phylum coelentrata because it has
  30. The poisonous fluid present in the nematocysts of Hydra is