Claude's liquefaction process employs the cooling of gases by

A. Expansion in an engine

B. Following a constant pressure cycle

C. Throttling

D. None of these

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  1. In a reversible chemical reaction (where, Δx = number of moles of products-number of moles of reactants)
  2. Joule-Thomson co-efficient is defined as
  3. Consider the reaction, C + O2 CO2; ΔH = - 94 kcal. What will be the value of ΔH for the reaction…
  4. Air-refrigeration cycle
  5. With increase in pressure (above atmospheric pressure), the Cp of a gas
  6. To obtain integrated form of Clausius-Clapeyron equation, ln (P2/P1) = (ΔHV/R) (1/T1 - 1/T2) from…
  7. Pick out the correct statement.
  8. The ammonia synthesis reaction represented by N2 + 3H2 2NH3; ΔH = - 22.4 kcal, is
  9. What happens in a reversible adiabatic expansion process?
  10. For an ideal gas, the chemical potential is given by
  11. The free energy change for a chemical reaction is given by (where, K = equilibrium constant)
  12. The relation connecting the fugacities of various components in a solution with one another and to composition…
  13. An isolated system can exchange __________ with its surroundings.
  14. Pick out the wrong statement.
  15. The partial pressure of each constituent present in an alloy is __________ the total vapor pressure…
  16. What happens in a reversible adiabatic compression?
  17. Fugacity is most helpful in
  18. The chemical potential of any constituent of an ideal solution depends on the __________ of the solution.
  19. Which of the following is not an equation of state?
  20. For any system, what is the minimum number of degrees of freedom?
  21. For a single component two phase mixture, the number of independent variable properties are
  22. A liquid under pressure greater than its vapour pressure for the temperature involved is called a __________…
  23. If the vapour pressure at two temperatures of a solid phase in equilibrium with its liquid phase are…
  24. At constant temperature and pressure, for one mole of a pure substance, the ratio of the free energy…
  25. Which of the following processes cannot be made reversible even under ideal condition of operation?
  26. A gas has a volume of 27.3 c.c. at 0°C. Its volume at 10°C (if pressure remains unchanged) will…
  27. Heat is added at constant temperature in an ideal __________ cycle.
  28. Out of the following refrigeration cycles, which one has maximum COP?
  29. Fugacity and pressure are numerically equal, when the gas is
  30. Equation which relates pressure, volume and temperature of a gas is called the