Coagulant is used __________ filtration.

A. Before

B. After

C. During

D. To avoid

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  1. Phenolic antiseptics are added in the __________ soap.
  2. Phenol formaldehyde
  3. Gypsum is chemically
  4. The metallic aluminium is obtained from pure alumina in the presence of fused cryolite by
  5. Pasteurisation of milk means
  6. A mineral is termed as 'ore', if
  7. Temporary hardness of water can be removed by
  8. Analgesic drugs are
  9. Wax is a
  10. Molecular weights of polymers are in the range of
  11. Shrinkage volume in cement setting does not depend upon the
  12. The major use of butadiene is
  13. __________ is not a constituent of gun powder.
  14. Glauber's salt is chemically represented by
  15. A mixture of chlorine & sodium bromide acts as a/an
  16. Transparent soaps (e.g. Pears) are
  17. The amount of benzene present in pure Benzol is about __________ percent.
  18. The type of high refractive index glass used in optical instruments is __________ glass.
  19. Which is the most efficient absorbent for SO3 out of the following?
  20. Which allotrope of sulphur is insoluble in carbon disulphide?
  21. Flexible foam (for mattresses) is usually made of
  22. The end bleaching agent used to move last traces of colour bodies from the pulp is
  23. Setting of plaster of Paris is accompanied with
  24. Chemical name of aspirin (an analgesic drug) is
  25. Electric bulbs are made of __________ glass.
  26. The noble gas which occurs most abundantly in the atmosphere is
  27. Sulphuric acid solution having a specific gravity of 1.20 at room temperature is used mainly for the
  28. Ultimate analysis of coal determines its __________ content.
  29. White phosphorous is stored under water, because
  30. Trinitrotoluene (TNT), an explosive, is made by the nitration of