Cobalt is an example of a ______ material.

A. Paramagnetic

B. Diamagnetic

C. Ferromagnetic

D. Non- magnetic

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  1. The evaporation of electrons from a heated surface is called
  2. What determines the value of the temperature coefficient of resistance of a material?
  3. The force acting on a pole of 5 Wb is 25 N. What is the intensity of the magnetic field?
  4. What is the value of the absolute permittivity of air?
  5. Ohm's law can be used only to a _____ circuit or component.
  6. Materials that have very high permeabilities (hundreds and even thousands times of that of free space)
  7. What is the other name for dielectric strength?
  8. The dielectric constant of most materials lies between
  9. The phenomenon that when an electric current passes through an anisotropic crystala there is an absorption…
  10. When the relative permeability of a material is slightly more than 1a it is called ______ material.
  11. What is used as the insulating material or dielectric in an electric ion
  12. If the right handed bottle-opener cork screw is assumed to be along the conductor so as to advance in…
  13. How much is the flux in Weber in the above problem?
  14. Lenz's law is the consequence of the law of conservation of
  15. This paper does not exhibit electricity because it contains the same number of
  16. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
  17. Cobalt is an example of a ______ material.
  18. The force of attraction or repulsion between two magnetic poles is directly proportional to their strengths.
  19. One electron volt (1 eV) is equivalent to _____ joules
  20. Magnetic intensity is a
  21. A magnetic flux of 2.5 x10^4 Wb through an area of 5 x10^4 square meters results in
  22. The potential at a point due to a charge is 15 V. If the distance is times, the potential at the point…
  23. Electric field intensity at a point due to a given charge ______ if the relative permittivity of the…
  24. At/m is a unit of
  25. A germanium atom has an atomic weight of72. How many neutrons are there?
  26. Which of the following is a vector quantity?
  27. Two similar polesa each 1Wba placed 1 m apart in air will experience a repulsive force of
  28. Hydrogen is an example of a _____ material.
  29. Which of the following is a paramagnetic material?
  30. Amorphous solid is also called