Cochran boiler is a

A. Horizontal fire tube boiler

B. Horizontal water tube boiler

C. Vertical water tube boiler

D. Vertical fire tube boiler

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  1. Cochran boiler is a
  2. Secondary air is the air used to
  3. An economiser in a boiler
  4. All steam engines work on
  5. The pressure compounded impulse turbine as compared to velocity compounded turbine require __________…
  6. The ratio of total useful heat drop to the total isentropic heat drop, is called
  7. The turbine blades are
  8. Which of the following varieties of coals is mostly used in steam boilers?
  9. Pick up the correct statement as regards Cornish boiler and Lancashire boiler
  10. The flow through a nozzle is regarded as
  11. The difference between Cornish boiler and Lancashire boiler is that
  12. In forced circulation type boiler
  13. Film boiling occurs at
  14. The bituminous coal is no caking if its carbon content is
  15. Tertiary air is the air used to
  16. When the circulation of water, in a boiler, is by convection currents which are set up during the heating…
  17. In which of the following boilers, the draught in furnace is increased by utilising exhaust steam from…
  18. Lancashire boiler is of
  19. Water at pressure of 4 kg/cm² and 160°C temperature when exposed to atmosphere will
  20. The principal function of a stop valve is to
  21. Which of the following statement is correct?
  22. At very low temperature, the melting and boiling temperatures become equal. This temperature is
  23. Which of the following statement indicates the difference between Cornish boiler and Lancashire boiler?
  24. In reaction turbines, the axial thrust is due to
  25. The Locomotive boiler has
  26. An economiser _________ the steam raising capacity of a boiler.
  27. Willians line follows the law (where b = A constant representing the shape of the Willians line, a =…
  28. A compound steam engine in which piston rods of high pressure and low pressure cylinders are attached…
  29. The maximum discharge of steam through a convergent-divergent nozzle depends upon
  30. Gusset stays in a boiler are provided to