Coke is produced by

A. Pulverising coal in inert atmosphere

B. Heating wood in a limited supply of air at temperatures below 300°C

C. Strongly heating coal continuously for about 48 hours in the absence of air in a closed vessel

D. Enriching carbon in the coal

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  1. Which of the following is not a boiler mounting?
  2. A supercritical boiler is one that operates above the pressure and temperature of following values
  3. In a De-Laval nozzle expanding superheated steam from 10 bar to 0.1 bar, the pressure at the minimum…
  4. The saturation temperature of steam with increase in pressure increases
  5. Which of the following are boiler accessories?
  6. The heat balance sheet for the boiler shows the
  7. A device used to put off fire in the furnace of the boiler when the level of water in the boiler falls…
  8. In a velocity compounded impulse turbine, when steam flows through the second row of moving blades,
  9. The isentropic enthalpy drop in moving blade is two-third of the isentropic enthalpy drop in fixed blades…
  10. Locomotive boiler is of the following type
  11. The velocity of steam leaving the nozzle (V) is given by (where K = Nozzle coefficient or nozzle efficiency,…
  12. A stage, in reaction turbine, is represented by
  13. The Locomotive boiler has
  14. The crown of the fire box is made hemispherical in order to
  15. The draught in locomotive boilers is produced by a
  16. The diameter of internal flue tubes of a Lancashire boiler is about _________ that of its shell.
  17. In a throttling process
  18. Water at pressure of 4 kg/cm² and 160°C temperature when exposed to atmosphere will
  19. Caking coals are those which
  20. The ratio of the energy required to produce the artificial draught (expressed in metres head or J/kg…
  21. It is required to produce large amount of steam at low pressure. Which boiler should be used?
  22. In an experiment to determine dryness fraction of steam, the mass of water separated was 1.2 kg in 15…
  23. The pressure of steam in the engine cylinder at the beginning of the stroke is ________ the boiler pressure.
  24. In a steam condenser, the partial pressure of steam and air are 0.06 bar and 0.007 bar respectively.…
  25. The ratio of the isentropic heat drop to the heat supplied, is called
  26. The efficiency of an impulse turbine is maximum when (where Vb = Blade speed, V = Absolute velocity…
  27. At which pressure the properties of water and steam become identical
  28. The aim of a compound steam engine is
  29. The economiser is used in boilers to
  30. At critical point, i.e. p = 225.65 kg/cm², the latent enthalpy of vaporisation is