Cold working of a material results in increase in hardness, which is termed as the __________ hardening.

A. Cold

B. Work

C. Age

D. Induction

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  1. Pick out the wrong statement.
  2. Superheating of steam is done at constant
  3. The noble metals
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  5. During sensible heating of humid air
  6. At the point of boundary layer separation in fluid flow, the
  7. Which of the following is not categorised as the ore agglomeration process?
  8. Large scale fire on fuel gas line is normally extinguished by
  9. Case hardening is not done by
  10. Coating provided on the electrodes used in the arc welding is not expected to
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  12. Electrical conductivities of semi-conductors are of the order of __________ ohm/cm.
  13. Recrystallisation temperature of steel is __________ °C.
  14. In chemical dehumidification process
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  17. What happens, when SO2 is passed through a solution of H2S in water?
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  19. Pressure required to increase the density of water by about 1% is __________ atmosphere.
  20. Brazing filler metal used for joining steel plates
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  24. For efficient performance of a blast furnace, the extent of reduction of Wustite (FeO) should be
  25. Which of the following metals cannot be hot worked at room temperature?
  26. Mild steel has __________ crystal lattice structure.
  27. Dislocations are __________ defects.
  28. Alloy powder manufactured by the following process have spherical shapes.
  29. An ideal material for making cooking vessels should have
  30. The following type of bonding is strongly directional in solids.