Columns dialog box can be opened from

A. Format menu Columns submenu

B. Double click on column space in ruler

C. Press Alt + O + C

D. All of above

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  1. What happens if you press Ctrl + Shift + F8?
  2. Which of the following helps to reduce spelling error in the document?
  3. What is the smallest width of a column?
  4. The other Col# are inactive when youve select 3 columns. How will you activate those boxes?
  5. How many different positions can you set for drop cap?
  6. You can move the insertion point in a table
  7. To move the cursor page to page of documents.
  8. Page Down Key is used to
  9. Ctrl + Up Arrow is used to
  10. MS-Word automatically moves the text to the next line when it reaches the right edge of the screen and…
  11. What is the shortcut key you can press to create a copyright symbol?
  12. Ctrl + C is used to
  13. Selecting text means, selecting?
  14. What is the extenslon of files created in Ms-Word 97- 2003
  15. Page Up Key uses for
  16. To select a block of text, click at the beginning of the selection, scroll to the end of the selection,…
  17. What is the default left margin in Word 2003 document?
  18. AutoCorrect was originally designed to replace _________ words as you type.
  19. Text boundary can be displayed or hidden from
  20. Switching between portrait and landscape modes involves the:
  21. A _____ is a collection of predefined design elements and color schemes.
  22. Which of the following is used to create newspaper style columns?
  23. End Key is used to
  24. To update a formula in a table, press the
  25. Which of the following is not a font style?
  26. To instruct Word to stop bulleting paragraphs, do any of the following except _____.
  27. Ctrl + I
  28. What is gutter margin ?
  29. A character that is raised and smaller above the baseline is known as
  30. How can you access the font size tool on formatting toolbar?