Compressibility factor for almost all the gases are approximately same at the same

A. Pressure and temperature

B. Reduced pressure and reduced temperature

C. Critical pressure and critical temperature

D. None of these

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  1. Heat pump
  2. The expression, ΔG = nRT. ln(P2/P1), gives the free energy change
  3. In the reaction, represented by, 2SO2 + O2 2SO3; ΔH = - 42 kcal; the forward reaction will be favoured…
  4. What is the value of maximum COP in case of absorption refrigeration, if refrigeration provided is at…
  5. The expression for entropy change given by, ΔS = - nR ln (P2/P1), holds good for
  6. Chemical potential is a/an
  7. Gibbs phase rule finds application, when heat transfer occurs by
  8. Which of the following is not an intensive property?
  9. For organic compounds, group contribution method can be used for the estimation of
  10. The equation Tds = dE - PdV applies to
  11. A system in which there is exchange of energy but not of mass, is called a/an __________ system.
  12. Van Laar equation deals with the activity coefficients in
  13. Solubility of a substance which dissolves with an increase in volume and liberation of heat will be…
  14. With increase in temperature, the internal energy of a substance
  15. The internal energy of an ideal gas is a function of its __________ only.
  16. A thermodynamic system is taken from state A to B along ACB and is brought back to A along BDA as shown…
  17. Work done may be calculated by the expression ∫ p dA for __________ processes.
  18. The temperature at which a real gas obeys the ideal gas laws over a wide range of pressure is called…
  19. In case of a close thermodynamic system, there is __________ across the boundaries.
  20. If the molar heat capacities (Cp or Cv) of the reactants and products of a chemical reaction are identical,…
  21. Requisites of a reversible process is that the
  22. When a gas is subjected to adiabatic expansion, it gets cooled due to
  23. Pick out the correct statement.
  24. Refrigeration cycle
  25. Henry's law is closely obeyed by a gas, when its __________ is extremely high.
  26. Boiling of liquid is accompanied with increase in the
  27. __________ decreases during adiabatic throttling of a perfect gas.
  28. Minimum number of phases that exists in a system is 1. Number of chemical species in a colloidal system…
  29. In an isothermal process on an ideal gas, the pressure increases by 0.5 percent. The volume decreases…
  30. y = specific heat ratio of an ideal gas is equal to