continue statement is used

A. to go to the next iteration in a loop

B. come out of a loop

C. exit and return to the main function

D. restarts iterations from beginning of loop

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  1. If the class name is X, what is the type of its “this” pointer (in a nonstatic, non-const…
  2. p++ executes faster than p + 1.
  3. What will be output if you will compile and execute the following c code? #include int main(){ int i=320;…
  4. The -------------------------- loop executes at least once.
  5. gets() and puts() are unformatted I/O functions.
  6. The output of the following code is: void main() {int a = 1, b=2; int *ip; ip=&a; b=*ip; printf("%d",…
  7. The printf() function retunes which value when an error occurs?
  8. Union is used to hold different data at different time.
  9. The statement "for (i = 0, j = 2; j <= 10; j++)" is a valid statement in 'C'.
  10. static variable will not always have assigned value.
  11. Every if statement can be converted into an equivalent switch statement.
  12. The output of the following code is:void change (char *k) {k="Hello";return; } main() { char *ch = "World";;change(ch);…
  13. The expression "b = 3 ^ 2;" will evaluate b = 9.
  14. The output of the following code is: main() {int a[10], i; for (i = 1; I <= 0; i++) {scanf("%d",…
  15. What will be output if you will compile and execute the following c code?#include int main(){ char c=125;…
  16. Which of the following is allowed in a C Arithmetic instruction
  17. The-------------------- statement helps immediate exit from any part of the loop
  18. Which header file is essential for using strcmp() function?
  19. What does STL stand for?
  20. Which of the following keyword supports dynamic method resolution?
  21. All macro substitutions in a program are done before compilation of the program.
  22. Character data types cannot be declared as unsigned.
  23. Which classes allow primitive types to be accessed as objects?
  24. Which of the following expressions is wrong
  25. C programming language was developed by
  26. C is a ___ language
  27. struct stud{int roll;char name[20];float marks;} *p;What will be the byte size of p?
  28. fopen() function returns a pointer to the open file.
  29. There are total ------ numbers of operators in 'C'.
  30. The output of the following code is: void main() {int a; int &b = a;a=100; printf("b=%d\ta=%d",…