Critical path moves along the activities having total float of

A. Positive value

B. Negative value

C. Zero value

D. Same value

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  1. The product layout
  2. ABC analysis deals with
  3. Discrepancies of bar chart techniques are
  4. The linear programming techniques can be applied successfully to industries like
  5. M.T.M. is used to
  6. Percent idle time for men or machines is found by
  7. Breakeven analysis is a
  8. Choose the wrong statement. Motion study is used for
  9. Queuing theory is associated with
  10. The two bin system is concerned with
  11. Two alternatives can produce a product. First have a fixed cost of Rs. 2000 and a variable cost of Rs.…
  12. Father of industrial engineering is
  13. In a line organisation
  14. A PERT network has three activities on critical path with mean time 3, 8 and 6 and standard deviations…
  15. Break-even analysis shows profit when
  16. In steel plant the most important system for materials handling is
  17. Gantt chart gives information about
  18. Gantt charts provide information about
  19. In manufacturing management, the term 'Dispatching' is used to describe
  20. CPM is the
  21. Which of the following type of layout is suitable for automobile manufacturing concern?
  22. For a small scale industry, the fixed cost per month is Rs. 5000. The variable cost per product is Rs.…
  23. Micro-motion study is
  24. String diagram is used when
  25. In which of the following layouts, the lines need to the balanced
  26. Military organisation is known as
  27. The disadvantage of product layout is
  28. Which of the following is independent of sales forecast?
  29. Which of the following wage incentive plan guarantees minimum wage to a worker and bonus is paid for…
  30. In inventory control, the economic order quantity is the