Current assets include

A. Manufacturing plant

B. Manufacturing plant and equipment

C. Inventories

D. Common stock held by the firm

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  1. The start or completion of task is called
  2. The determination of standard time in a complex job system is best done through
  3. Templates are used for
  4. Which of the following are the guidelines for the construction of a network diagram?
  5. Material handling and plant location is analysed by
  6. Simplex method is the method used for
  7. For ship vessel industry the following layout is best suited
  8. In the Halsey 50-50 plan, the following are rewarded more
  9. Which of the following statement is correct?
  10. Performance rating is equal to
  11. Break-even analysis shows profit when
  12. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  13. A big advantage of PERT over Gantt charts is that in the former case
  14. The linear programming techniques can be applied successfully to industries like
  15. The allowed time for a job equals standard time plus
  16. The breakeven point represents
  17. Which one of the following techniques is used for determining allowances in time study?
  18. Acceptance sampling is used in
  19. The grouping of activities into organisational units is called
  20. Travel charts are used to
  21. Which one of the following chart gives simultaneously information about the progress of work and machine…
  22. Micro-motion study is
  23. PERT has following time estimate
  24. Queuing theory is associated with
  25. Slack of various events on the critical path in PERT/CPM chart
  26. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. A critical ratio scheduling
  27. Work sampling is applied for
  28. Acceptance sampling is widely used in
  29. Job evaluation is the method of determining the
  30. Service time in queuing theory is usually assumed to follow