Data from DataSet is accessed using34

A. Binding Obejct

B. BindContext Object

C. BindingContext Object

D. EndCurrentEdit Object

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  1. A single LinkLabel can support multiple links
  2. To add items stored in an array to a ListView use
  3. If a Form is Inherited from another Form and both Forms have certain codes in their respective Form_Load…
  4. The Apply button automatically appears of the Font Dialog Box is opened
  5. This property of TrackBar is not present
  6. In reports ___________ property help to assign user-defined criteria
  7. Application.StartupPath actually points to
  8. The SelectionMode property of a CheckedList Box can be set only to
  9. Default event handler of Splitter is
  10. dim arr(10) as string, the max index of the array is
  11. In OLEDB database can be accessed without using DataSet
  12. To get details about an error use
  13. This view pops up if "Ctrl+F1" is pressed
  14. /*1. Class C2. public mustinherit sub abc()3. msgbox("Base Class")4. end sub5. end Class /* The error…
  15. If you want to open a file named "a.txt" use
  16. A form can have only one default button
  17. You can assign a Main Menu to any control
  18. The EventLog's ________ method is used to write an entry to a log file
  19. The default location of the exe file of your solution is
  20. Data from DataSet is accessed using34
  21. VB.NET supports Multi Level Inheritance
  22. For the same class "Me" and MyBase" are same
  23. If a Label control's AutoSize property is set to True, can you resize the control
  24. If MustOverride is used then ____________ is also a must.
  25. In Class, Me.Show and MyClass.Show are same (Show is method name)
  26. A form can have only ______ Main Menu and _________ Context Menu
  27. DataSet can be used to connect to Crystal Report
  28. /*1. Class C2. public notoverridable sub abc()3. msgbox("Base Class")4. end sub5. end Class /* The Error…
  29. FolderBrowserDialog displays
  30. Dim a() as Integer-{1,2,3,4}is a valid statement