Data objects can be initialized when allocating memory using 'new'.

A. True

B. False

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  1. The signature of a function is
  2. A variable defined within a block is visible
  3. In C++, identifiers have to be declared at the beginning of the blocks.
  4. Which of the following is true about const member functions?
  5. The getch() library function
  6. By default, C++ uses the following method of passing arguments
  7. Pick out the most appropriate statement
  8. You can read input that consists of multiple lines of text using
  9. cc ___________ option is used only to create object file
  10. A constructor cannot be explicitly called.
  11. Operator overloading is
  12. The binding that binds a function call at run time is called
  13. What is the output of the following program segment - for(i = 1, j = 0; i < 10; i++) j += i; cout…
  14. Static data member can be declared as const too.
  15. Class is similar to a variable.
  16. When accessing a structure member, the identifier to the left of the dot operator is the name of
  17. A destructor can have arguments like constructor.
  18. A normal C++ operator that acts in a special way on newly defined data types is said to be
  19. The break statement causes an exit
  20. A copy constructor is used to copy an object member wise to another object of the same class.
  21. Private data members can be accessed
  22. The library function exit() causes an exit from
  23. One of the important features of an abstract class is
  24. Public data members can be accessed
  25. A function that is called automatically when an object is destroyed is known as
  26. What is the value of Friday in the following - enum days { Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday = -1, Thursday,…
  27. If class A is friend of class B and if class B is friend of class C, which of the following is…
  28. Which of the following relationship is known as inheritancerelationship?
  29. The members of a class by default are private.
  30. The exception is processed using