Debenture holders can vote only in meetings where the rate of interest on debentures is discussed.

A. True

B. False

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  1. PPF stands for
  2. The shareholder can also be defined as the
  3. Shares can be traded in the secondary market without the involvement of brokers.
  4. Shares which have been transacted upon once are traded only in the Stock Exchange.
  5. Investment refers to what one does with his/her ____________.
  6. The block of assets in which a person invests is called ___________.
  7. Earliest Closing Date must be after the
  8. A preference share can be converted into debenture.
  9. NSDL stands for
  10. If a company returns the share transfer documents, to a buyer of its shares, without registration, for…
  11. A private company must have minimum paid up capital of Rs. _____________.
  12. I.P.O.s are traded in
  13. Ajay has invested his savings in bonds where the total investment amount has to be paid in instalments.…
  14. I.P.O.s are traded in Secondary Market.
  15. NSE stands for
  16. A trading lot is fixed at _______ shares when the face value of each share is Rs.10.
  17. An extra price paid to the broker while making transaction in Stock Exchange is called ______________.
  18. Convertible debentures can be converted into ________________.
  19. A public company must have minimum paid up capital of Rs. ____________.
  20. N.A.V. stands for
  21. A dematerialized security requires a certificate.
  22. If a person purchases 13 shares from the secondary market, it is termed as ____________ purchase.
  23. The full form of "D.P." is
  24. In Monthly Pension Bonds a fixed income is received after a predefined period.
  25. Call money is payable on
  26. NSE stands for
  27. During Book Closure period, no transaction is recorded in which of the following?
  28. When a company raises funds by the sale of additional equity shares to the existing equity shareholders,…
  29. Investment refers to what one does with his/her
  30. The term "I.P.O." stands for