_________ defines how the Frame Relay DTE and DCE interact with each other.





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  1. The TCP/IP protocol stack has ________ layers.
  2. Which 2950 command enables trunking?
  3. _________ describe(s) users working from home.
  4. A ________ topology describes how devices communicate with each other.
  5. Which prompt indicates that you are at User EXEC mode?
  6. You execute the line console 0 command from Configuration mode. What will the router's prompt be?
  7. You are given the following addressing information: What type of address is this?
  8. What would you enter to see the last few commands you entered?
  9. Which of the following reasons might you need to use address translation?
  10. You are given a Class C network with 25 bits of networking. How many subnets do you have?
  11. A ___________ is basically all of the components, hardware and software, involvedin connecting computers…
  12. How would you suspend a telnet session?
  13. VLSM allows you to summarize __________ back to the class boundary.
  14. A __________ route is the best path to reach a destination within the topology table.
  15. What command assigns a User EXEC password to a 2950 switch?
  16. Choose the following that a standard IP ACL can match on.
  17. A ___________ in a bit position of a wildcard mask means that the same bit position in the condition…
  18. You are given a class C network, You need three networks with 60 hosts and two networks…
  19. An idle DDR connection will be torn down after _________ seconds of not seeing interesting traffic.
  20. With _________ switching, the switch reads the destination MAC address of the frame andimmediately starts…
  21. What would you use to prevent a packet from traveling around a routing loop forever?
  22. On the 1900 switch, how do you enter User EXEC mode?
  23. Which of the following is true concerning ISL?
  24. Frames sent above the __________ limit will have their _________ bit set.
  25. You have a 24-channel T1 connection to your router. How many VCs does this T1 support?
  26. A ___________ is similar to a telephone circuit-switched connection.
  27. Which router command creates a standard named ACL called test?
  28. RIP has a hold-down period of ____________ seconds.
  29. Which would you use to move your cursor back one word?
  30. The ___________ converts an ISDN four-wire connection to a two-wire connection.

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