Dies for wire drawing are generally made of

A. Mild steel

B. Stainless steel

C. Carbides

D. High carbon steel

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  1. Out of the following __________ iron has the best capability to bear sudden & excessive shocks.
  2. __________ number determines whether the fluid flow in an open channel is supercritical, critical or…
  3. Which of the following is not the commercial name of poly-methyl-methacrylate (PMMA)?
  4. The dew point of moist air becomes __________ with decrease in its relative humidity.
  5. Nusselt number/Biot number varies
  6. The joint for soldering is supported by binding wire made of
  7. 'Flare tower' used in industry is meant for
  8. Mild steel has __________ crystal lattice structure.
  9. Which of the following is the most suitable abrasive for grinding high tensile strength materials?
  10. Yield strength of a material is determined by the __________ test.
  11. Potable water means the water used for
  12. Gas turbine normally employs a constant __________ cycle.
  13. Corrosion of metals cannot be prevented by its
  14. During decarburising of a plain carbon steel, the thickness of ferrite layer growth is proportional…
  15. Dowtherm is a
  16. Which of the following test is used for distinguishing among dry oils, semi-drying oils and non drying…
  17. A polymer is termed as an 'elastomer', if its percentage elongation is more than 100%. An elastomer…
  18. Pick out the wrong statement
  19. What is the percentage of chromium in 18-4-1 high speed steel?
  20. Preheating before welding is done to
  21. Eutectic reaction for iron-carbon system occurs at a temperature of __________ °C.
  22. Maraging steels derive their strength from the following mechanism:
  23. Which of the following metals is not subjected to electrolytic refining/purification?
  24. The bank of tubes located at the back of the domestic refrigerators are the __________ tubes.
  25. Addition of __________ to steel does not help in improving its machinability.
  26. In case of simple harmonic motion, displacement is proportional to the
  27. Laser welding is widely employed in the __________ industries.
  28. Oxide layer formed on the non-ferrous metal surface after its annealing is
  29. The materials which fracture even at small strains are termed as brittle, while those materials which…
  30. Drills are usually made of