DomainUpDown control is used only for strings and NumericUpDown for numbers.

A. True

B. False

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  1. _________ and _____________ combines to make a KeyPress event
  2. Function abc() As StringReturn 10End Function
  3. A form can not call itself
  4. A DataSet can hold multiple tables even if there are similar fields
  5. _________ actually updates the values in a DataSet permanently
  6. DomainUpDown control is used only for strings and NumericUpDown for numbers.
  7. To display multiple columns in ListView the View property must be set to
  8. Use a _________ statement to make Visual Basic object the default object for a set of enclosed Visual…
  9. In HelpProvider ___________ property is used to mention the help file name
  10. Finally is fired only when error occurs
  11. If an user-defined class have a user-defined event then, the class object is declared as
  12. To uninstall a Windows Service ____________ is use
  13. Images can be loaded from
  14. In TreeView to collapse all the nodes of a selected node ___________ method is used
  15. Application.StartupPath actually points to
  16. ScrollBars can be added to
  17. If nothing is selected in a combo box, its index value is
  18. The name of the IDE window that allows you to see the hierarchical arrangement of the files in your…
  19. A single OLEDBAdapter can have many DataSets
  20. FolderBrowserDialog displays
  21. On error goto lbl is a
  22. In Class, Me.Show and MyClass.Show are same (Show is method name)
  23. ___________ is used to pass copies of a variable while __________ is used to pass address of a variable.
  24. VB.NET supports Multi Level Inheritance
  25. A single LinkLabel can support multiple links
  26. VB.NET does not support control arrays
  27. Get method is used to
  28. Two commands can be written in the same line using
  29. To view Panels of a StatusBar set _________ to true
  30. A MsgBox can have maximum ___________ button(s)