For each of the following questions select the answer pair that expresses a relationship most similar to that expressed in the capitalised pair.

What is the correct answer?



A. Brawl : vagabonds

B. Obscure : vague

C. Art : critics

D. Movie : actors

Correct Answer :

C. Art : critics

Drama is basically an art or dramatic work that is performed by the actors for an audience. So, the given words are interconnected in the way that drama is done for the audience or in front of them, but they are not a constituent of drama. Option (c) captures this relationship well, as drama is nothing but performing art and critics are the ones who watch an art or its performance and give their views on it.
Option (a) is incorrect, because brawl means a noisy or loud fight; whereas, vagabonds are those people who move around a lot and have no permanent homes. It fails to match the relationship mentioned in the question: brawl is not something which is done for the vagabonds or done in front of them. Option (b) is wrong, because obscure and vague are synonyms which are used for something that is unclear or not easily visible or not clearly understandable.
The term vagabonds is vague in terms that they are not sure of where they are going or what is next for them. Option (d) is incorrect, because actors are actually the constituents of a movie; they are a part of it and that is not the relationship mentioned in the given words in the question.