During the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with which country India signed 7 agreements on different areas?


B. Israel

C. Japan

D. Ireland

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  1. World Para Athletic Championships 2017 is being held in which place?
  2. Who are the founders of Fundamentum venture?
  3. Who won South Australian Open title 2017?
  4. To eliminate which infectious disease Union Health Minister launches National Strategic Plan?
  5. Which country contributes $500,000 (Rs. 3 Crores) to UN Peacebuilding Fund?
  6. Which country's flower was named after Prime Minister Narendra Modi to mark the first visit of an Indian…
  7. As per Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) Financial Stability Report 2017 what is the growth rate in the…
  8. Who is the current CEO & MD of Axis Bank?
  9. Newly appointed NDRF chief Sanjay Kumar is DGP of which state?
  10. Okinoshima, men only island gets UNESCO Heritage tag. In which country it is located?
  11. Which state has become the first state in the country to provide women an injectable contraceptive for…
  12. What is the App launched by Govt to allow consumers verify accurate tax rate?
  13. Who is the current vice-chief of Indian Army?
  14. UNESCO added Valongo Wharf Archaeological Site in the World Heritage List. Valongo Wharf Archaeological…
  15. Which state police will be the first state police in India who will get 'super cop belt'?
  16. Who was the previous DG of Directorate of Revenue Intelligence?
  17. Which city has been declared India' s first World Heritage City by UNESCO?
  18. Which state has became the first state to make social boycott?
  19. Who released the book titled President Pranab Mukherjee - A Statesman?
  20. Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) is a company registered under the which Act?
  21. Model United Nations (MUN) Regional Conference is being held at which city?
  22. In which country for the first time the State Bank of India has expanded the paperless banking system…
  23. As a chairman of Tata Global Beverages Ltd (TGBL) Natarajan Chandrasekaran will succeed whom?
  24. Who has been appointed as the next Chief Election Commissioner of India?
  25. Fairfax Financial Holdings firm belongs to which country?
  26. Trump appoints Indian-American Krishna R. Urs as US Ambassador to which country?
  27. India grants USD 500000 aid to which country to fight ISIS?
  28. Which state has became India's first state to fix minimum educational qualification for cooperative…
  29. Which date will be observed as 'Save public sector banks' day?
  30. Who is the present governor of Madhya Pradesh?