Economics of 'Solvay Process' depends upon the efficiency of

A. Carbonating tower

B. Ammonia recovery

C. Ammonia recovery and size of the plant

D. Ammoniation of salt solution

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  1. __________ is produced using Polycondensation reaction.
  2. Hydrogen gas is not produced commercially (for nitrogenous fertiliser manufacture) by
  3. Economics of 'Solvay Process' depends upon the efficiency of
  4. Multistage catalytic converter is not used in the
  5. Which of the following is an organometallic compound?
  6. Fourdrinier machine is used in the manufacture of
  7. Phthalic anhydride is used
  8. Bleaching action of bleaching powder is due to its __________ properties.
  9. Double Contact Double Absorption (DCDA) process is the most recent process for the manufacture of
  10. Out of the following processes of paper pulp manufacture, the maximum corrosion problem in digestion…
  11. Flash point of most vegetable oils is about __________ °C.
  12. Percentage of alcohol in beer may be around __________ percent.
  13. __________ process is used for the commercial production of nitric acid by the catalytic oxidation of…
  14. CaO is called
  15. Concentration of NaOH solution produced by diaphragm electrolytic cell is about __________ percent.
  16. A bio-catalyst produced by living cells which acts independent of the cell is called a/an
  17. The gasification reaction represented by, C + H2O = CO + H2, is a/an __________ reaction.
  18. The process used for the manufacture of ethyl alcohol from molasses is
  19. Carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) is the starting raw material for the manufacture of
  20. 20% oleum means that in 100 kg oleum, there are 20 kg of
  21. In sulphate pulp manufacture, the pressure and temperature in the digestor is
  22. Chlorine gas is produced by the electrolysis of brine (NaCl solution with solid NaCl make up) in mercury…
  23. Which of the following processes can remove both temporary as well as permanent hardness of water?
  24. Which of the following is used as a binding material in soap to improve soap texture?
  25. Nylon-6 as compared to Nylon-66 is having higher
  26. Parathion and Malathion are
  27. Antibiotic
  28. Free alkali in a toilet soap is __________ that in a laundry shop.
  29. H2S is scrubbed from refinery gases by absorption using
  30. Gun powder uses