Engine pistons are usually made of aluminium alloy because it

A. Is lighter

B. Wear is less

C. Absorbs shocks

D. Is stronger

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  1. The specific fuel consumption per BH hour for a petrol engine is approximately
  2. The accumulation of carbon in a cylinder results in increase of
  3. The object of providing masked inlet valve in the air passage of compression ignition engines is to
  4. The reference fuels for knock rating of spark ignition engines would include
  5. The thermal efficiency of diesel engines is about
  6. Stoichiometric ratio is
  7. The calorific value of gaseous fuels is expressed in terms of
  8. The process of breaking up or a liquid into fine droplets by spraying is called
  9. The mechanical efficiency (ηm) of the engine is given by
  10. Volatility of diesel fuel oil is
  11. Which of the following does not relate to a compression ignition engine?
  12. Supercharging is the process of
  13. The increase of efficiency of a compression ignition engine, as the load decreases, is due to
  14. A diesel engine has
  15. Polymerisation is a chemical process in which molecules of a compound become
  16. The scavenging efficiency of a four stroke cycle diesel engine is
  17. Which of the following is the lightest and most volatile liquid fuel?
  18. A supercharged engine as compared to an ordinary engine
  19. The working cycle in case of four stroke engine is completed in following number of revolutions of crankshaft
  20. Number of working strokes per min. for a two stroke cycle engine is _________ the speed of the engine…
  21. In a petrol engine, the mixture has the lowest pressure at the
  22. Which one of the following event would reduce volumetric efficiency of a vertical compression ignition…
  23. A 75 cc engine has following parameter as 75 cc
  24. The air standard efficiency of an I.C. engine is given by (where r = Compression ratio, and γ =…
  25. The ignition quality of petrol is expressed by
  26. The minimum cranking speed in case of petrol engine is about
  27. Number of working strokes per min. for a four stroke cycle engine are _________ the speed of the engine…
  28. In a coil ignition system of petrol engines, a condenser is connected across the contact breaker in…
  29. The _________ engines can work on very lean mixture of fuel.
  30. If petrol is used in a diesel engine, then