enum helps to create user defined datatype.

A. True

B. False

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  1. The main() function can be called from any other function.
  2. Character data types cannot be declared as unsigned.
  3. The printf() function retunes which value when an error occurs?
  4. Which of the following is the most preferred way of throwing and handling exceptions?
  5. Identify the wrong statement
  6. void' is a datatype.
  7. What is Keywords?
  8. What is C Tokens?
  9. What is the right way to access value of structure variable book{ price, page }?
  10. Which of the STL containers store the elements contiguously (in adjecent memory locations)?
  11. The output of the following code is: main() { unsigned int a = 10; while (a>=10) { int a; a-- ; }…
  12. strcat() function ----------------------- two strings.
  13. What will be output if you will compile and execute the following c code?#include int main(){ char c=125;…
  14. The array 'char name[10] can consist of a maximum of 9 characters.
  15. In the expression - 'x + y + 3z =20'
  16. Bitwise operators can operate upon?
  17. A continue statement causes execution to skip to
  18. What's wrong? for (int k = 2, k <=12, k++)
  19. The contents of a file opened in 'r+' mode cannot be changed.
  20. If the class name is X, what is the type of its “this” pointer (in a nonstatic, non-const…
  21. fprintf()function can be used to write into console.
  22. Which of the following shows the correct hierarchy of arithmetic operations in C
  23. Nested macros are allowed.
  24. Only one break can be used in one loop.
  25. The output of the following code is: int f(int a, int b); void main() {int a = 12, b=154; printf("%d",…
  26. The-------------------- statement helps immediate exit from any part of the loop
  27. Which of the following is invalid?
  28. && and & operators have the same meaning.
  29. Expression 4**3 evaluates to 64.
  30. There are total ------ numbers of operators in 'C'.