Envelope option is not available in case of Paragraph text in CorelDraw.

A. True

B. False

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  1. Shortcut key for Option dialog box is Ctrl + J.
  2. In CorelDraw Clone is a copy of an object or an area of an image that is linked to the original object.
  3. We cannot set Zero loc in CorelDraw
  4. The shortcut key of Export command in CorelDraw is
  5. In CorelDraw The Shape tool has no effect for the Grouped object.
  6. We can view Postscript Fill in only Simple Wireframe.
  7. Shortcut key for Select All is Ctrl + A.
  8. The shortcut key of Full-Screen Preview in CorelDRAW is
  9. The shortcut key to open Scale and Mirror dialog box.
  10. The shortcut key of Graphic and Text Style is Ctrl+F5.
  11. The maximum constrain angle is 900 in CorelDraw.
  12. Unit of measurements in CorelDRAW can be in Kilometers
  13. We can export .png files from CorelDraw
  14. The default Drawing Units in CorelDraw is Inches.
  15. In CorelDraw Lens effects can be applied to almost any closed shape.
  16. The shortcut key of Combine is
  17. The Interactive Blend tool lets you blend objects by clicking and dragging the mouse.
  18. The ________ command makes it easy to create the illusion of perspective in your drawings.
  19. The shortcut key of Shape Tool is _________ in CorelDraw.
  20. The default Paper Type/Size in CorelDraw is ___________.
  21. 7. In CorelDraw Shortcut key for Zoom out is _________.
  22. We can blend an object along a path.
  23. In CorelDraw create Arrow option is under Tools Menu.
  24. We can crop bitmap images in CorelDraw
  25. Bezier Tool lets you draw by dragging the mouse cursor across the page like a pencil on paper. This…
  26. Unit of measurements in CorelDRAW can be in Kilometers
  27. The Auto Reduce option is used to reduce number of unwanted nodes.
  28. We cannot export WMF files from CorelDraw.
  29. A curve that passes through a cusp node can bend at a sharp angle.
  30. We can see the skeleton in Wireframe mode.