Envelope option is not available in case of Paragraph text in CorelDraw.

A. True

B. False

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  1. We can see the skeleton in Wireframe mode.
  2. We cannot import .bmp file in CorelDraw
  3. The shortcut key of Full-Screen Preview in CorelDRAW is
  4. Shortcut key of Convert to Curve is
  5. We get Envelope Rollup to press Ctrl + F8.
  6. The shortcut key of Align and Distribute is Ctrl+A in CorelDraw.
  7. The default Paper Type/Size in CorelDraw is ___________.
  8. In PageMaker the minimum target output resolution that we can set is_____
  9. The default extension of a CorelDRAW file is ______.
  10. The maximum constrain angle is 900 in CorelDraw.
  11. We can create customized menu bar in CorelDraw.
  12. We can set different Undo Level for Bitmap Effects.
  13. A feature that allows you to place objects (called contents objects) inside other objects (called container…
  14. Adding one or more objects to an existing blend creates a _______ blend.
  15. Shortcut key for Select All is Ctrl + A.
  16. From Fountain Fill we cannot make gradient color
  17. We can crop bitmap images in CorelDraw
  18. We can view Postscript Fill in only Simple Wireframe.
  19. We cannot set Zero loc in CorelDraw
  20. Envelope option is not available in case of Paragraph text in CorelDraw.
  21. The keyboard shortcut of Blend tool is F9.
  22. In CorelDraw The Shape tool has no effect for the Grouped object.
  23. The shortcut key to Position dialog box.
  24. We cannot import .Gif file in CorelDraw.
  25. We cannot export WMF files from CorelDraw.
  26. The default Drawing Units in CorelDraw is Inches.
  27. We can insert pages in CorelDRAW
  28. Shortcut key for Option dialog box is Ctrl + J.
  29. In CorelDraw the keyboard shortcut of Break Apart is _________.
  30. We cannot work with Layer in CorelDraw