Eosinophil™s are stained by

A. alkaline dyes

B. acidic dyes

C. neutral dyes

D. vital stains

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  1. Which among the following diseases is not caused by viral infection?
  2. Which one of the following is both an exocrine and an endocrine gland?
  3. Sterilization, as the means for the prevention of sepsis in surgery, was practised and advocated by
  4. Adaptation for flying is termed as
  5. Light compensation zone refers to
  6. The bacteria that gets into our body is consumed by
  7. In plants water is carried upwards by
  8. The drug Ergot is obtained from
  9. Which of the following terms is used in Botany?
  10. The cellular and molecular control o( programmed cell death is known as
  11. Vitamins A and C are predominantly present in
  12. When does the heart start functioning?
  13. Which one of the following is essential for blood clotting?
  14. The thermoregulatory centre in the human brain is the
  15. Vivipary is defined as germination
  16. The pigment which is responsible for blood clotting is
  17. When a movement of a plant organ is stimulated by contact with an object, it is termed
  18. Polyploid wheat does not normally show an increase in
  19. Desert plants are called
  20. Which among the following animals has the largest Intestine?
  21. The method of inducing artificial immunity was discovered by
  22. Spontaneous generation signifying the development of living organisms from non-living has been termed
  23. The white blood corpuscles the body because they are popularly called soldiers of
  24. The country where commercial production of cultured pearls is undertaken on large scale is
  25. Prions are composed largely of
  26. Maize is attacked by
  27. The theory of 'jumping genes' was propounded by
  28. Measles is caused by
  29. Vessels proceeding to the heart are
  30. Necrosis is a symptom which is recognised by