EPROM can be used for

A. Erasing the contents of ROM

B. Reconstructing the contents of ROM

C. Erasing and reconstructing the contents of ROM

D. Duplicating ROM

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  1. Which of the following is a feature of fifth generation computers?
  2. The CPU and memory are located on the:
  3. A memory that does not change its contents without external causes is known as
  4. A computer which CPU speed around 100 million instruction per second and with the word length of around…
  5. In which year was chip used inside the computer for the first time?
  6. Computer system comprises of major units
  7. The Third Generation Computer was made with .
  8. The two kinds of main memory are:
  9. Which of the following have the fastest access time?
  10. Who invented the high level language C?
  11. Napier's Bones were invented in
  12. Who developed a mechanical device in the 17th century that could add, subtract, multiple, divide and…
  13. A device for converting handwritten impressions into coded characters & positional coordinates for input…
  14. What is a brand?
  15. Microprocessors can be used to make
  16. The output quality of a printer is measured by
  17. Which of the following is used for manufacturing chips?
  18. What does the disk drive of a computer do?
  19. Which of the following IC was used in third generation of computers?
  20. Which was the computer conceived by Babbage?
  21. Cathode Ray Tube is a form of________
  22. Personal computers used a number of chips mounted on a main circuit board. What is the common name for…
  23. The first digital computer built with IC chips was known as
  24. A term associated with the comparison of processing speeds of different computer system is:
  25. Which of the following is true?
  26. Which part of the computer is directly involved in executing the instructions of the computer program?
  27. The computer size was very large in
  28. All modern computer operate on
  29. Most of the first generation computers were
  30. A physical connection between the microprocessor memory and other parts of the microcomputer is known…