Equatorial diameter of the Earth is __.

A. 12757 km

B. 17257 km

C. 17527 km

D. 17572 km

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  1. Which star la called the brightest star (Dog star)?
  2. On which date is the Earth in 'aphelion'?
  3. What is the temperature of the sun estimated at approximately?
  4. Which planet does take the least time in completing one revolution around the Sun?
  5. The date on which the Sun is vertical over the 'Tropic of Capricorn' is
  6. Period of sunspot cycle is
  7. What part of the moon's surface is never visible from the earth?
  8. A swarm of small bodies in between the two Planets of Solar System is called 'asteroids' which are those…
  9. The time taken by the sun to revolve around the centre or our galaxy is
  10. What is the position of the moon called when it la farthest from the earth?
  11. What part of the moon's surface can be visible from the earth?
  12. Which star has the largest percentage In the universe
  13. Sidereal means
  14. The shortest route between two places is along the
  15. A Light Year measures
  16. What does perigee mean?
  17. What is the average radius of the Earth?
  18. Polar circumference of the Earth is
  19. Which is the second largest satellite in the Solar System?
  20. What is significant about the town of Greenwich?
  21. Which planet la known as a 'Morning Star' as well as an 'Evening Star'?
  22. The solar eclipse takes place when
  23. Which one of the following conditions is moat relevant for the presence of life on Mars?
  24. When dees the Summer Solstice occur?
  25. When does the Vernal Equinox occur?
  26. A celestial body which revolves round a planet just as a planet revolves round the Sun is called _____.
  27. The word 'satellite' means _____.
  28. The rate of rotation of the Earth on its axis is the highest on which of the following date?
  29. What is the Southern Cross?
  30. Which of the following is known as the Cold Planet?