Equipment installation cost in a chemical process plant ranges from __________ percent of the purchased equipment cost.

A. 10 to 20

B. 35 to 45

C. 55 to 65

D. 70 to 80

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  1. __________ taxes are based on gross earnings.
  2. Annual depreciation costs are constant, when the __________ method of depreciation calculation is used.
  3. 'Utilities' in a chemical process plant includes compressed air, steam, water, electrical power, oxygen,…
  4. In which of the electric power generation system, the operating cost is minimum?
  5. Effluent treatment cost in a chemical plant is categorised as the __________ cost.
  6. Direct costs component of the fixed capital consists of
  7. Payback period
  8. An annuity is a series of equal payments occuring at equal time intervals, and this amount includes…
  9. The depreciation during the year 'n', in diminishing balance method of depreciation calculation, is…
  10. Profit is equal to revenue minus
  11. An investment of Rs. 1000 is carrying an interest of 10% compounded quarterly. The value of the investment…
  12. Pick out the wrong statement.
  13. Relative cost of chemical process plants in India is about __________ percent more than the similar…
  14. Fixed charges for a chemical plant does not include the
  15. Which of the following is not a component of depreciation cost?
  16. Pick out the wrong statement.
  17. Personnel working in the market research group is responsible for the job of
  18. 'Lang factor' is defined as the ratio of the capital investment to the delivered cost of major equipments.…
  19. Which of the following relationship is not correct is case of a chemical process plant?
  20. Which of the following is the costliest source of getting hydrogen on commercial scale for the manufacture…
  21. A present sum of Rs. 100 at the end of one year, with half yearly rate of interest at 10%, will be Rs.
  22. In an ordinary chemical plant, electrical installation cost may be about
  23. Which of the following elements is not included in the scope of market analysis?
  24. Chemical engineering plant cost index is used for finding the present cost of a particular chemical…
  25. Pick out the wrong statement.
  26. Which of the following is the costliest material of construction used in pressure vessel construction?
  27. Break-even point is the point of intersection of
  28. Cost of piping in a fluid processing unit (e.g., distillation) of a chemical process plant is about…
  29. For a given fluid, as the pipe diameter increases, the pumping cost
  30. Expenditure on research and development (R & D) is categorised as the __________, while making an estimate…