Eutectoid composition of carbon steel at room temperature is

A. Cementite

B. Pearlite

C. Martensite

D. Ferrite

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  1. Spark plug is provided in a/an
  2. Plasma is
  3. Which of the following hardness tests does not measure the indentation hardness of metals and alloys?
  4. Pick out the correct statement
  5. Fire refining process is employed in case of
  6. The Al2O3 content of cryolite in Hall- Heroult cell is maintained between __________ percent.
  7. Ferromagnetic materials owe their properties to __________ inner sub-shells.
  8. Production of one ton of paper in Indian paper industry consumes about __________ kWh of electricity.
  9. With increase in __________ Knocking tendency in a spark ignition petrol engine decreases.
  10. Desalination of water
  11. Increase in temperature, in general results in the
  12. For efficient performance of a blast furnace, the extent of reduction of Wustite (FeO) should be
  13. A dense structure of grinding wheel is not used for the
  14. Which of the following materials has the least scrap value?
  15. In condensers used in thermal power plants, steam is normally used in shell side and cooling water on…
  16. Dryness factor of steam is defined as the ratio of the mass of vapor in the mixture to the mass of the…
  17. Brass parts with high residual tensile stress at the surface are susceptible to season cracking (i.e.…
  18. Working of linear variable differential transducer (LVDT) is based on the principle of variable
  19. Wrought iron does not have
  20. Aluminium is extracted from
  21. Super conduction in metals is observed at a temperature of __________ °K.
  22. Shaft/rotor speed is most accurately measured by a
  23. Hydrogen can be
  24. The difference in one unit of Rockwell hardness number corresponds to a difference in the depth of indentation…
  25. Between 230 and 370°C, blue brittleness is caused in mild steel because of the
  26. Carbide tipped cutting tools are manufactured by powder metallurgy techniques and have a composition…
  27. A thin, flat & square plate measuring 2 m × 2 m is freely hanging in ambient air at 25°C.…
  28. __________ is not a case hardening process.
  29. Pick out the wrong statement.
  30. Increase in the entropy of a system represents the