Excess carbohydrates and insufficient proteins in dally diet will lead to

A. Kwashiorkor

B. Night blindness

C. Pernicious anaemia

D. Loss of hair

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  1. Insect pollination is known as
  2. Leafy trees help in preventing
  3. Which one of the endocrine glands disappears after puberty?
  4. Tuberculosis is caused by
  5. Organisms which synthesise their own food are called
  6. Which one of the following is caused by the expression of a recessive gene present on sex chromosome?
  7. The waste product In the urine of man is
  8. The hormone that contains iodine is
  9. Best growth of plants is attained if they are supplied with
  10. Warm-bloodedness
  11. A child goes on vomiting profusely and develops symptoms of diarrhoea. Chances are that in the child's…
  12. Which one of the following seeds can benefit a patient of diabetes mellitus by normalising his blood…
  13. The energy for the sperm to swim and reach the egg is provided by
  14. The nerve messages enter the cell through the
  15. Haemoglobin is dissolved in the plasma of
  16. Sleeping sickness in man is caused by the organism
  17. Enzymes are produced by
  18. Oxygen transport is a function of
  19. Which one is a water-soluble vitamin?
  20. Hormones are carried from their place of production by
  21. The larva of the housefly is called
  22. Herbivores are
  23. The golden age of Dinosaurs was
  24. Green plants In the sea are useful for respiration of flash because they
  25. The most accepted theory of the origin of earth is the fiery origin which was propounded by
  26. The study of heart is called
  27. Excess of amino-acids are broken down to form urea in the
  28. Biologists have so far known, found and identified a large number of species in the plant and animal…
  29. One of the following is called a feminine hormone. Which one is it?
  30. When one gene controls two or more different characters simultaneously, the phenomenon is called