Extension of plasma membrane in prokaryotic cell is

A. mesosome

B. haploid

C. ribosome

D. none of these

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  1. Polysome is a chain of
  2. According to widely accepted fluid mosaic model cell membranes are semi-fluid, where lipids and integral…
  3. Which of the following is incorrect ?
  4. Given below are some characters of a cell organelle identify the correct organelle which shows all the…
  5. pH of vacuolar cell sap is
  6. Most of water, in mature plant cells occurs in
  7. The lipid component of the membrane mainly consists of __________.
  8. Match column I (cell type) with column II (size) and choose the correct option.Column-IColumn-II(Cell…
  9. Function of RER is
  10. 9.A student was given cell samples (A and B) to identify parts which are highlighted. He observed the…
  11. Which one of the following structures between two adjacent cells is an effective transport pathway?
  12. Match the items given in column-I with their role given in column-II and choose the correct option.Column-IColumn-IIA.…
  13. The diagram given below represent a filuid mosaic model of plasma membrance. Match the components marked…
  14. Identify the components labelled A, B, C and D in the given section of cilia/flagella showing different…
  15. Match column-I with column-II and choose the correct option.Column-IColumn-IIA. TonoplastI. Contain…
  16. Plastids are found in
  17. Match column-I and column-II and select the correct answerColumn-IColumn-IIA. Bacteria without wallsI.…
  18. Which of the following lacks cell wall?
  19. The cytoskeleton is a proteinaceous network of fibres in the cytoplasm. It is involved in
  20. In which of the following the cells are held together by a Ca-pectate layer?
  21. The fluidity of membranes in a plant in cold weather may be maintained by
  22. Choose the incorrect match.
  23. In prokaryotes, chromatophores are
  24. Function of contractile vacuole in Amoeba is
  25. Microtubules are absent in
  26. Membranous extensions in blue green algae are known as
  27. Which of the following option correctly match A, B, C, and D indicated in the given sectional view of…
  28. Prokaryotic and eukaryotic flagella differ in the
  29. Identify the cell organelle given below. Which is an important site of formation of glyeoproteins &…
  30. Active transport across biomembrane involves