FACT does not support transfer of stock

A. True

B. False

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  1. We can Copy Master from one company to another company with ____________________ option.
  2. When Fact is installed for the first time we have to enter a blank company to creat a new company
  3. In Fact the accounting period can be specified for a maximum period of
  4. In Fact we have to specify the group of the ledger at the time of its creation
  5. In Fact the default user name is
  6. AR/AP stands for
  7. New rights can be applied to
  8. In Fact if we set 'No Code Mode' to 'Yes', we will be able to specify code for the master that you creat
  9. We can assign opening balence to nominal account in Fact
  10. The special account created to need cash withdrawal entris from bank is known as
  11. Fact Support 4 Inventory valuation method
  12. It is possible to specify invoice-wise details of the opening balence of debtors in Fact
  13. FACT stores data files under FACT directory
  14. We can maintain multiple currency in FACT
  15. The 'Bill Terms' option in Fact is used to record
  16. Audit Trail facility is available in FACT
  17. In Fact while creating a company we can specify an accounting model at
  18. Template provides a pre-defined voucher
  19. It is optional to enter cost centre in inventory issue
  20. It is not possibe to create online ledger in Fact
  21. The default Filter in Fact is
  22. It is possible to maintain Memo type voucher
  23. The Net Profit transferred to Balence Sheet in Fact using
  24. The User can define layout of cash flow in
  25. An account with an opening balence can be deleted in Fact
  26. In Fact the user can specify the hard disk wher the company data will be stored .
  27. In Document Class the sum of the numbers in the three sagement may be less than 6
  28. The GL Account which must be created in Fact are known as
  29. When FACT is installed, the group created is
  30. To create a group while creating P/L Layout we have to press