Fabric belts are used in industrial applications because

A. They are cheap

B. They can work at high temperature

C. They are unaffected by moisture and humidity

D. None of the above

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  1. If a load W is applied instantaneously on a bar; Then the stress induced in bar will
  2. The shear stress at a point in a shaft subjected to a torque is
  3. Resistance to fatigue of a material is measured by
  4. When a closely coiled helical spring is subjected to a couple about its axis, the stress induced in…
  5. Wire ropes as compared to cotton ropes
  6. The application of third type levers is found in
  7. When the connected members are very yielding (soft gasket) as compared to the bolt, then the resultant…
  8. The expansion joint is mostly used for pipes which carry steam at __________ pressures.
  9. An imaginary circle which by pure rolling action gives the same motion as the actual gear, is called
  10. The included angle between the sides of V-belt is
  11. The lower deviation is the algebraic difference between the
  12. The constant factor in case of R10 series of preferred numbers is
  13. The suitable material for belt used in flour mill is
  14. The fatigue life of a part can be improved by
  15. Two helical springs of the same material and of equal circular crosssection, length and number of turns,…
  16. Endurance limit or fatigue limit is the maximum stress that a member can withstand for an infinite number…
  17. If a bearing is designated by the number 305, it means that the bearing is of
  18. When the screw in a mechanical screw jack rotates, the load kept on the top of it moves
  19. According to Indian standards, total numbers of tolerance grades are
  20. A taper key which fits half in the key way of the hub and half in the key way of shaft, is known as
  21. Which one of the following is a positive drive?
  22. When the connected members are very yielding (soft gasket) as compared to the bolt, then the resultant…
  23. For circumferential joint in boilers, the type of joint used is
  24. In helical gears, the right hand helixes on one gear will mesh __________ helixes on the other gear.
  25. For applications involving high stresses in one direction only the following type of thread would be…
  26. For a shaft diameter of 200 mm, the number of bolts in a marine flange coupling should be
  27. In Vickers hardness testing, the pyramid indentor apex is
  28. A sliding bearing which operates without any lubricant present, is called
  29. The ball bearings are, usually, made from
  30. The cracks in helical springs used in railway carriages usually start on the inner side of the coil…