Famous Hawa Mahal is located in

A. Lucknow

B. Udaipur

C. Jaipur

D. Bangalore

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  1. Which of the following statements is correct?
  2. Which of the following awards is given for contribution in the field of literature ?
  3. Who was the first child born after operative procedure?
  4. Islamabad is the capital of
  5. Which bank on 29 May 2015 launched an online customer acquisition solution through which one can apply…
  6. Who recently won the CEAT Indian Cricketer of the Year award?
  7. With which of the following countries is the famous 'October Revolution' is associated?
  8. The forest in Sunderban is called
  9. Which of the following combinations of the States and their Chief Ministers (at present) is not correct?
  10. How many neck canal cells are found in the archegonium of a fern?
  11. Which of the following statements is correct?
  12. Adolf Hitler was born in?
  13. National Consumer day observed every year on _____?
  14. Who among the following is not a member of the newly-constituted advisory panel by BCCI to guide the…
  15. Myrmecology is study of?
  16. Name the NRI scientist from the United States who has recently created a single molecule device that…
  17. Who among the following is a famous cartoonist ?
  18. Which is not a member of OPEC ?
  19. Who among the following was recently conferred 'Friends of Bangladesh Liberation War Award', for his…
  20. Which of the following books is written by Vikram Seth ?
  21. Which scheme is launched by the Govt. of India to make Indian Metros/Cities Slum free ?
  22. Indias first green police station was inaugurated on the occasion of World Environment Day 2015 at?
  23. Myrmecology is study of?
  24. Droupadi Murmu, the former Odisha Minister was recently appointed as the governor of?
  25. Hemant Sonawala who passed away recently was a pioneer in?
  26. The 38th Summit of G-8 is being organised in which of the following countries in May 2012?
  27. Who among the following is the Secretary of State (Foreign Minister) of USA at present?
  28. Which of the following organisations prepares topographical maps of India?
  29. Which of the following countries is not a member of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries…
  30. The Kheda Sathyagraha of Gandhiji was in?