Fertilization is fusion of ..

A. Diploid spermatozoan with diploid ovum to form diploid zygote

B. Haploid spermatozoan with diploid ovum to form diploid zygote

C. Diploid spermatozoan with haploid ovum to form diploid zygote

D. Haploid spermatozoan with haploid ovum to form diploid zygote

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  1. Identical twins are also known as ..
  2. What are the chances of a normal fertile couple having a baby in one year?
  3. Fimbriae of fallopian tube ...
  4. The rate of active movement of sperm is ...
  5. Cryptorchidism is ...
  6. Thick layer which surrounds the ovum is ...
  7. Tunica albuginea is related to
  8. Haemophilic man marries a normal woman. Their off springs will be
  9. Corpus luteum secretes
  10. Villi of human placenta develop from ..
  11. Part of fallopian tube closest to ovary is
  12. Name the pituitary hormone that regulates sertoli cells
  13. Mongolian idiocy due to trisomy in 21st chromosome is known as
  14. Temperature in scrotum necessary for sperm formation is usually ...
  15. The chemical of the ovum that attracts and holds sperm
  16. Sertoli cells are found in
  17. In which phase of menstrual cycle ovulation occurs in
  18. In human embryo, the digestive system develops from the
  19. The pre fertilisation process stage of sperm before entry into the ovum is called as
  20. The first milk which comes out just after child birth is known as .
  21. Most of major organs of human embryo are formed by the
  22. Fertilization is fusion of ..
  23. The male hormone testosterone is secreted by
  24. What is Hirsuitism in females? (Usually with Poly cystic ovarian disease)
  25. The middle piece of the sperm contains
  26. Mammary glands are modification of ...
  27. Prostate gland produces a secretion for ...
  28. In menstrual cycle the secretory phase is also known as
  29. Which one of the following is produced early in the life of a human female?
  30. A marriage between man with normal vision and colour blind woman will give birth to