First law of thermodynamics deals with the

A. Direction of energy transfer

B. Reversible processes only

C. Irreversible processes only

D. None of these

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  1. Air-refrigeration cycle
  2. The necessary and sufficient condition for equilibrium between two phases is
  3. Degrees of freedom at triple point will be
  4. Gibbs free energy of a pure fluid approaches __________ as the pressure tends to zero at constant temperature.
  5. Which of the following is not a unit of the equilibrium constant Kp? (where, Δx = number of moles…
  6. Van Laar equation deals with the activity coefficients in
  7. Entropy is a/an
  8. The unit of equilibrium constant of a chemical reaction is the same as that of
  9. With increase in reduced temperature, the fugacity co-efficient of a gas at constant reduced pressure
  10. The fugacity of a gas in a mixture is equal to the product of its mole fraction and its fugacity in…
  11. 1st law of thermodynamics is nothing but the law of conservation of
  12. For organic compounds, group contribution method can be used for the estimation of
  13. Efficiency of a Carnot engine working between temperatures T1 and T2 (T1 < T) is
  14. Molar heat capacity of water in equilibrium with ice at constant pressure is __________ Kcal/kg mole.…
  15. If we increase the pressure on a substance (which is at its triple point), then the triple point
  16. Free energy, fugacity and activity co-efficient are all affected by change in the temperature. The fugacity…
  17. Which of the following processes cannot be made reversible even under ideal condition of operation?
  18. The energy of activation of exothermic reaction is
  19. Refrigeration capacity of a household refrigerator may be round about __________ tons.
  20. Rotary lime kiln is an example of a/an __________ system.
  21. Trouton's ratio is given by (where λb, = molal heat of vaporisation of a substance at its normal…
  22. The specific heat of saturated water vapour at 100°C is
  23. A solute distributes itself between two nonmiscible solvents in contact with each other in such a way…
  24. Which is an example of closed system?
  25. A/an __________ system is exemplified by a vessel containing a volatile liquid in contact with its vapor.
  26. Mollier chart is a __________ plot.
  27. Joule-Thomson experiment is
  28. A gas shows deviation from ideal behaviour at
  29. The expression for entropy change given by, ΔS = - nR ln (P2/P1), holds good for
  30. (∂E/∂T)V is the mathematical expression for