_____ First proposed the process of normalization.

A. Edgar. W

B. Edward Stephen

C. Edgar F. Codd

D. Edward Codd

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  1. Immediate database modification technique uses
  2. Which two files are used during operation of the DBMS?
  3. DFD stands for
  4. DBMS helps achieve
  5. Consider the join of relation R with a relation S. If R has m tuples and S has n tuples, then the maximum…
  6. DBMS is a collection of _____ that enables user to create and maintain a database.
  7. The _______ is a set of programs to use and / or modify this data.
  8. It is an abstraction through which relationships are treated as higher level entities
  9. operator is used to compare a value to a list of literals values that have been specified.
  10. Which of the following concurrency control schemes is not based on the serializability property?
  11. Which of the following addressing modes permits relocation without any change over in the code?
  12. A logical schema
  13. The default level of consistency in SQL is
  14. The graphical representation of a query is .
  15. The ______ language consists of SQL statements for operating on the data (insert, Modify, Delete) in…
  16. Precedence graphs help to find a
  17. ______contains information that defines valid values that are stored in a column or data type.
  18. By ______ an area on disk in certain ways, one can make it represent a bit value of either zero (0)…
  19. _____ is a utility to capture a continuous record of server activity and provide auditing capability.
  20. If an entity can belong to only one lower level entity then the constraint is
  21. Dependency preservation is not guaranteed in
  22. Which is the best file organization when data is frequently added or deleted from a file?
  23. A data type or format is specified for each _________
  24. Relationships among relationships can be represented in an-E-R model using
  25. Which of the following is not a recovery technique?
  26. In SQL the statement select * from R, S is equivalent to
  27. Which of the following is true for network structure?
  28. The fact that all employees of a particular organization should not have salaries more than $10000 is…
  29. _____ First proposed the process of normalization.
  30. What are the desirable properties of a decomposition