Flank wear occurs mainly on the

A. Nose part, front relief face and side relief face of the cutting tool

B. Face of the cutting tool at a short distance from the cutting edge

C. Cutting edge only

D. Front face only

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  1. A better machinable metal is one which gives
  2. Relief angles on high speed steel tools usually vary from
  3. The structure of a grinding wheel depends upon
  4. It is desired to perform the operations like drilling, reaming, counter-boring etc. on a work piece.…
  5. The hard grade grinding wheels are denoted by the letters
  6. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  7. A drill mainly used in drilling brass, copper or softer materials, is
  8. The abrasive recommended for grinding materials of low tensile strength is
  9. The rear teeth of a broach
  10. In order to grind soft material
  11. Which of the following engineering materials is the most suitable candidate for hot chamber die casting?
  12. Which one of the following is a solid state joining process?
  13. During the execution of a CNC part program block NO20 GO2 X45.0 Y25.0 R5.0 ; the type of tool motion…
  14. Tumbler gears in lathe are used to
  15. A solid cylinder of diameter 100 mm and height 50 mm is forged between two frictionless flat dies to…
  16. The lathe spindles are usually made hollow and provided with
  17. In order to prevent tool from rubbing the work _________ on tools are provided.
  18. A twist drill is specified by its
  19. The cutting speed of a drill depends upon the
  20. The grinding wheel speed (surface speed in m/min) usually varies from
  21. The chuck preferred for quick setting and accurate centering of a job is
  22. Trepanning is performed for
  23. The type of reamer used for reaming soft aluminium or copper, is
  24. The hardness of a grinding wheel is determined by the
  25. The crystal structure of austenite is
  26. Which of the following statement is correct as regard to up milling?
  27. Dielectric is used in
  28. An operation of embossing a diamond shaped pattern on the surface of a workpiece, is known as
  29. Side rake angle of a single point cutting tool is the angle
  30. Small nose radius